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UniLectin3D protein index A0A023GPI8 A0A067XG71 A0A069Q9V4 A0A076JB57 A0A090BWT0 A0A0A7CJV4 A0A0A8IK66 A0A0D6CBA8 A0A0E3X5I8 A0A0E4B1P1 A0A0H2V7F6 A0A0H2Y045 A0A0H2ZE85 A0A0M3KL30 A0A0M3KL31 A0A0P0E482 A0A0R4I963 A0A0S0VKY7 A0A0S4TLR1 A0A140UHM9 A0A172QPU7 A0A182DW20 A0A1A9TAD0 A0A1A9TAH8 A0A1B2JGH2 A0A1D5B395 A0A1D5B396 A0A1L1QJZ7 A0A1U7Q1Z0 A0A1Z2WUW0 A0A2D0TC52 A0A2D0TCI3 A0A2I8VBX7 A0A2K9UWM4 A0A2T6C3M6 A0A2U8JDD5 A0A2Z5V8U8 A0A2Z5WLM1 A0A2Z6G7U3 A0A2Z6G7U6 A0A329WTS5 A0A384E107 A0A3B6UEU4 A0A454AB91 A0A509GV45 A0A509GV46 A0A509GV48 A0MK70 A0QYH7 A1YIY3 A1YZD2 A2IC68 A2WPN7 A3CM52 A3DD67 A3DHG6 A4CYJ6 A4VT01 A4ZDL6 A4ZKM1 A5HBD5 A6V267 A7GBG3 A7SDD2 A7UNK4 A7UQX3 A7XUK7 A7YCM0 A8E1U5 A8MUM7 B0CZL6 B1L2G5 B2ZRS9 B3EWJ2 B3EWQ9 B3EWR1 B3GA02 B3IUA8 B3IUB3 B3VBK9 B4EH86 B4EH87 B4UMX2 B5BTR7 B5BTT5 B5LYJ9 B6F0T7 B6RGK2 B7KDN5 B7NYS1 B7X8M2 B9VV85 C0HJX1 C0HJY1 C0HK27 C0HK81 C0JPK1 C0STD7 C1IPK2 C3W5S1 C4RSQ3 C5IWW1 C5MV42 C7BEA8 C7BLE4 C7C6F1 C7S226 D0QJ68 D0VX17 D2DXN5 D3W0F1 D5MNX4 D6R7L2 D7DTD6 D7F7M7 D8NA05 E0YNJ7 E1BHM0 E1BIQ4 E1C0Z4 E2EA82 E2ESL7 E6Y5B1 E7CH51 E7E2M2 E9NQ90 F1KZZ8 F1NZ18 F2VN92 F2Z266 F5BXG7 F6KMV5 G0KQM4 G1EUI6 G3BK00 G3M189 G4N991 G8FL04 H0ZAB5 H2FH31 H2L2M6 H6CS64 H8W6K8 I0IV54 I1RM03 I1SB09 I2GUG1 I7FLU3 I7H471 J7QR14 J9PBR3 J9XXB7 K0IE77 K1QRB6 K4DIE9 K4LM89 K7X601 L8WGI4 M0TZ81 M1GR78 M4H3L5 M4QNL3 M4YV75 N9TFI9 O00182 O00214 O00602 O00834 O08573 O08912 O15389 O22321 O24313 O35744 O52269 O60844 O60949 O75636 O96048 P01552 P01556 P02741 P02743 P02866 P02867 P02870 P02871 P02872 P02876 P02877 P02879 P02886 P02970 P03087 P03088 P03089 P03305 P03437 P03438 P03442 P03452 P03462 P04010 P04122 P04155 P04958 P05045 P05046 P05087 P05088 P05162 P05452 P06205 P06750 P07306 P07386 P07583 P07629 P08169 P08191 P08362 P08427 P08661 P08902 P09382 P09386 P09545 P0A3R5 P0C0V9 P0C6Y8 P0CK94 P0DKL3 P0DOI3 P0DPI0 P0DPI1 P0DPR0 P10844 P10968 P10969 P11116 P11140 P11193 P11196 P11218 P11226 P11456 P11717 P11762 P12306 P12473 P12528 P14151 P14191 P14211 P14894 P15776 P16045 P16108 P16109 P16154 P16404 P16581 P17931 P18640 P18670 P18676 P18891 P19247 P19321 P19588 P19664 P19999 P20138 P20273 P20917 P21963 P22897 P22972 P22973 P23668 P24146 P24643 P25734 P26514 P26788 P27275 P27797 P30617 P31522 P31697 P32768 P32890 P33183 P33406 P35247 P35746 P36222 P38894 P42088 P42530 P43529 P43555 P46085 P47929 P47967 P49256 P49257 P49302 P55915 P56217 P56470 P56625 P58906 P58907 P58908 P68512 P69178 P69179 P70194 P78310 P80412 P81180 P81364 P81371 P81446 P81460 P81461 P81517 P81637 P81860 P83304 P83410 P83721 P83790 P84330 P84801 P86041 P86179 P86326 P86353 P86624 P86626 P86993 P90498 P91818 P93114 P93193 Q00022 Q01641 Q05097 Q05315 Q06141 Q07654 Q0A448 Q0B4G1 Q0GF90 Q0JMY8 Q10471 Q12396 Q13438 Q15485 Q15782 Q1HLC5 Q1KHJ8 Q1M0Y9 Q1R2J4 Q1R2V7 Q1RBS0 Q1W2P6 Q206Z5 Q207Z6 Q20K66 Q25735 Q27084 Q2F1K8 Q2G0X7 Q2LK81 Q2MDE2 Q2PHL4 Q2TLC1 Q2UNX8 Q2V8W4 Q2VE61 Q2VGE8 Q309D1 Q38789 Q39487 Q3HNQ2 Q3KJ04 Q3KVL7 Q3LRX8 Q3LRX9 Q40423 Q404H3 Q41159 Q45841 Q45871 Q45878 Q47200 Q47212 Q47341 Q47450 Q47644 Q4CPZ0 Q4WW81 Q53J09 Q54AD6 Q57193 Q5CZR5 Q5EGK8 Q5EP31 Q5F4T5 Q5KU26 Q5MK11 Q5PPM0 Q5U9T2 Q5YIR8 Q60393 Q60675 Q61830 Q62230 Q62902 Q64822 Q64823 Q65914 Q66QC3 Q68T42 Q696P8 Q6B7R3 Q6D6L3 Q6DQ34 Q6DSX7 Q6E4B4 Q6EIG7 Q6EZC3 Q6FUW5 Q6FX55 Q6GYW3 Q6INX3 Q6ITZ3 Q6QLQ4 Q6VBJ0 Q6WY08 Q6YD91 Q701T7 Q71QF2 Q75WT9 Q7DJJ2 Q7M1T4 Q7M462 Q7M4F9 Q7N561 Q7N8J0 Q7NX84 Q7S6U4 Q7SI98 Q7SIC1 Q7SIF1 Q7Z8V1 Q80A30 Q80TR1 Q80UW2 Q82040 Q82500 Q82L26 Q83467 Q83884 Q86169 Q868M7 Q86C51 Q86SF2 Q86SR1 Q8BCA3 Q8CJ91 Q8GA71 Q8GAV5 Q8GEJ9 Q8GR96 Q8GSD2 Q8IUN9 Q8IXK2 Q8JW44 Q8K419 Q8K4Q8 Q8KHU9 Q8L568 Q8L5H4 Q8LGR3 Q8MRC9 Q8N4A0 Q8N539 Q8TCE9 Q8VBX4 Q8W1R6 Q8WS31 Q8WTT0 Q8WWA0 Q8WXI8 Q8WZC9 Q8X123 Q8XUA5 Q8XXK6 Q8Z6A3 Q913Z3 Q91786 Q91H09 Q939N5 Q98UD4 Q99003 Q99LC4 Q9AVR2 Q9AXZ2 Q9AYP9 Q9AYY6 Q9BWP8 Q9BWS9 Q9FBI2 Q9FVF8 Q9H2X3 Q9HYN5 Q9KTH2 Q9KWN0 Q9LBR1 Q9LBR4 Q9M6E9 Q9N1X4 Q9N384 Q9NNX6 Q9NY25 Q9NYZ4 Q9P4R8 Q9Q0U6 Q9Q2P6 Q9RH91 Q9RH92 Q9RHG4 Q9S497 Q9S7B3 Q9S8T0 Q9SM56 Q9SPD4 Q9SR05 Q9SYR5 Q9U8W8 Q9UHV8 Q9UJ71 Q9UKJ0 Q9UKJ1 Q9ULY5 Q9UMR7 Q9WBP8 Q9WFX3 Q9XJP3 Q9XZH7 Q9Y286 Q9YIC2 Q9ZFS6 Q9ZKV2 Q9ZP48 Q9ZP49 Q9ZQY5 Q9ZTA9 R4GRU1 R4GRU4 R4GRU5 R4GRU6 R4GRU9 R4I4P2 R9RL27 S4S1V9 T2LG16 U3KRF8 UPI000150AC21 UPI00020CB737 UPI00020CB748 UPI00020CB749 V9VEF3
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